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 Server Rules Read

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PostSubject: Server Rules Read   Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:03 am

Switch-Pk Rules & Policies

Game Rules

•Do not bug abuse.
•Do not advertise other servers.
•Do not trade Switch-Pk accounts in any form or way.
•Do not trade Switch-Pk items for non Switch-Pk items.
•Do not disrespect or impersonate staff members.
•Do not hack other players.
•Do not farm.
•Do not DDoS.
•Do not scam.
•Do not use our server for all of your black market sales.
•Do not sell glitched items.
•Do not dupe or double items
•If you abuse the severely, we will not care about your player rights and safety anymore.

Forum Rules

•Do not advertise content not associated with Switch-Pk.
•Do not flame or disrespect staff members.
•Do not ignore stickies or appeal rules.
•Do not use inappropriate or irritating signature pictures/text.
•Do not spam (includes posts and topics).
•Do not bump old topics (grave digging).
•Do not be racist.
•Do not bump your post more often than once every 24 hours.
•If you abuse the rules severely, we will not care about your player rights and safety anymore.

Rules of General Discussion

•All topics posted in this section must be intended to cause a discussion.
•Giveaways/personal lotteries are not permitted.
•Quitting/Apology/Begging topics are NOT allowed on these forums in ANY section
•You are not allowed to "F5" forum threads.
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Server Rules Read
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